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The Porter & Co. Annual Conference

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The 2023 Porter & Co. Conference is now full. 

If you would like to guarantee your seat at next year's (2024) conference and/or be placed on the cancellation list for this year, please contact Lance James. 

Please note: you will still receive access to all the conference presentations via video recording. 

You can contact Lance James at 1-(888) 610-8895 or via LJames@porterandcompanyresearch.com 

When: October 4-5th, 2023

Where: Porter's farm, Stevenson Maryland

What: Evening cocktail reception and dinner followed by an entire day of presentations by Porter and a group of hand-selected expert speakers – more details to follow. 

On October 4th and 5th, 2023, you’re invited to join your fellow Big Secret on Wall Street members at Porter Stansberry’s historic, 100-acre farm in Maryland.

On the evening of Wednesday (the 4th), we’ll kick off with a cocktail reception followed by a formal, sit-down dinner

You’ll get to meet Porter and his team, connect with your fellow members, rub elbows with our guest speakers, and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Then, on Thursday (the 5th), we’ll spend the day hearing from some of the sharpest minds in finance as they give private presentations and talks.

As a member of The Big Secret on Wall Street, you already have access to the conference at no cost. 

However, in order to attend, there are some logistical items to note…

First, we’ve instituted a $750 per person “no-show” fee. 

This is to help us plan effectively and stop tire-kickers from saying they will attend and then bailing out at the last minute (full details below).

Second, while food, drink, entertainment, and shuttle transfers will be provided, we cannot cover airfare or lodging for the conference.

Your travel arrangements to Maryland and accommodation are your responsibility. However, we have arranged discounts for you with several local hotels – details will be sent after you RSVP.

To secure your seat, all you've got to do is complete the form below. 

Why The No-Show Fee?

And how it works...  

To reserve your spot at the Porter & Co. conference you must agree to a $750 per person "no-show" fee. 

This is purely to help us plan effectively and stop tire-kickers from saying they will attend… and then bailing out at the last minute.

(This happens far more than you’d expect and costs a small fortune in wasted food and drink – not to mention, it takes away a seat from someone who wanted to attend.)

To be clear: this “no-show” fee is ONLY for those who RSVP but do not attend the conference... If you do attend the event you won't be charged a dime. 

What’s more, your credit card will NOT be charged in advance – or at all if you attend. It will only be charged if you RSVP but don’t show up.

If you'd like more information on this please call our team at (888) 610-8895 to discuss. 

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Note: By reserving your seat today you agree to the $750 per person no show fee. Your card will not be charged today – or at all if you attend the event. For more information call the Porter & Co. offices at (888) 610-8895

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